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Questions For - First Minister

OQ60319 Tabled on 23/11/2023

Will the First Minister provide an update on the Welsh Government's efforts to eliminate domestic abuse and violence?

We remain clear about our ambition to end violence against women and girls. Through our violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence blueprint, we are delivering the objectives of our national VAWDASV strategy, in partnership with policing in Wales and partners across the public and specialist sector.

Answered by First Minister | Answered on - 29/11/2023
OQ60346 Tabled on 23/11/2023

What assessment has the Welsh Government made of the impact the Chancellor's autumn statement will have on the funding of public services?

The autumn statement was a disaster for public services across the UK, leaving already struggling services starved of necessary funding. The Chancellor’s failure to recognise these pressures means schools, hospitals and other vital public services are facing real-terms cuts, threatening the future sustainability of those services.

Answered by First Minister | Answered on - 29/11/2023
OQ60348 Tabled on 23/11/2023

What is the Welsh Government doing to ensure unpaid carers in Monmouth have the support they need?

Last week we celebrated Carers Rights Day, recognising the essential role unpaid carers play in Wales. Since 2022 we have invested £42 million to deliver support to unpaid carers to ensure this goes to where it is needed most.

Answered by First Minister | Answered on - 29/11/2023
OQ60349 Tabled on 23/11/2023

What are the Welsh Government's priorities for the education of 14 to 19 year olds?

We are committed to raising standards and aspirations for all. Curriculum reform and tertiary sector transformation remain key priorities to create a more open and equitable education system, which recognises both academic and vocational pathways for 14 to 19-year-olds.

Answered by First Minister | Answered on - 29/11/2023