NDM8496 - Opposition Debate

Tabled on 21/02/2024 | For debate on 28/02/2024

To propose that the Senedd:

1. Regrets that the Welsh Government’s proposed sustainable farming scheme will result in an estimated:

a) 122,200 reductions in Welsh livestock numbers;

b) 5,500 jobs on Welsh farms lost; and

c) £199 million loss to the rural economy.

2. Recognises the strength of feeling in the agricultural community against the sustainable farming scheme.

3. Notes the poll commissioned by the Country Land and Business Association in Wales that has found just 3 per cent of Welsh farmers trust the Welsh Government.

4. Calls on the Welsh Government to:

a) remove the requirement for each farm to have 10 per cent tree cover; and

b) scrap the current sustainable farming scheme proposals and to re-engage with the farming sector to develop a new scheme that has the support of the farming community.


NDM8496 - 1 | Tabled on 23/02/2024

Delete all and replace with:

To propose that the Senedd:

1. Recognises the vital contribution that farming and agriculture make to the social, economic and cultural landscape of Wales

2. Welcomes the Welsh Government's decision to maintain levels of the basic payment scheme in 2024 to support transition to the sustainable farming scheme.

3. Welcomes the engagement with farmers and stakeholders which has resulted in positive changes to the design of the sustainable farming scheme since the outline published in 2022.

4. Supports further amendments to the sustainable farming scheme in response to feedback from farmers, during the current consultation.

5. Notes that the greatest threat to a sustainable farming sector and food security in Wales is the impact of climate change and biodiversity loss.

6. Endorses the intention of the sustainable farming scheme to reward Welsh farmers who take actions to respond to that challenge.

7. Regrets UK Government policy to remove certainty from farm funding and reduce budgets, making planning for transition more challenging in all UK nations, causing uncertainty for farmers.