NDM8494 - Opposition Debate

Tabled on 21/02/2024 | For debate on 28/02/2024

To propose that the Senedd:

1. Notes NFU Cymru's Bovine TB in Wales survey which states:

a) that 70 per cent of farmers describe Welsh Government’s approach to TB eradication as very poor;

b) that 85 per cent of farmers say TB negatively impacts their mental health, and 63 per cent of farmers surveyed blame wildlife for TB transmission; and

c) that the estimated average annual financial cost to farms that provided cost details is £25,677, with data across all respondents showing over 30 per cent estimating their costs at over £10,000 and 13 per cent at over £50,000.

2. Regrets:

a) the immense financial and mental health burden on farmers in Wales posed by Bovine TB; and 

b) the Welsh Government’s persistent disregard of expert opinions and scientific evidence, at the expense of Welsh cattle and the financial and mental wellbeing of Welsh farmers.

3. Calls on the Welsh Government to:

a) urgently undertake a long-term evaluation and appraisal of current cattle controls to determine their relative effectiveness in preventing and controlling disease transmission;

b) make immediate changes to on farm slaughter policy;

c) establish policies which reflect wildlife as a source of infection and which allow for proper and scientifically validated culling and control methods; and

d) consult with NFU Cymru, FUW and other representatives of the agriculture sector in Wales to establish a new way forward in determining a bovine TB policy for Wales.


NDM8494 - 1 | Tabled on 23/02/2024

Delete all and replace with:

To propose that the Senedd:

1. Supports the continued engagement with farming unions to develop an approach to TB eradication which is both robust and nuanced.

2. Welcomes:

a) the support available to farmers who are suffering the devastating impact of TB on their farm, including Cymorth TB support and also support from Tir Dewi; Farming Community Network; FarmWell Wales; The DPJ Foundation; and

b) the Government's approach to evidence-based policy and the involvement of world class expertise in developing TB policy including Cardiff University, the Centre of Excellence for Bovine Tuberculosis for Wales at Aberystwyth University, and the UK Animal and Plant Health Agency.

3. Supports:

a) ongoing evaluation of Welsh Government TB policy, informed by the first milestone target review due later in 2024 and the Bovine TB Programme Board; 

b) making the review of on-farm slaughter policy a priority for the new Bovine TB Technical Advisory Group; and

c) the involvement of farming unions on the new TB Programme Board. 

4. Opposes the mass culling of badgers, a species native to Wales, as a means to control bovine TB.