NDM8391 - Opposition Debate

Tabled on 25/10/2023 | For debate on 08/11/2023

To propose that the Senedd:

1. Condemns the horrifying attacks carried out by Hamas against Israeli civilians and calls for the immediate release of hostages.

2. Notes that Israel has a duty to ensure the protection, security and welfare of its citizens and the occupied Palestinian population. 

3. Condemns the Israeli Government’s indiscriminate attacks on Gaza, resulting in the death of thousands of innocent Palestinian civilians and agrees with the United Nations Secretary-General that collective punishment of the Palestinian people cannot be justified.

4. Calls on the international community to:

a) unite in seeking an immediate ceasefire to end the human suffering and allow humanitarian organisations to reach those in need;

b)  bring pressure to bear on the Israeli Government to end the siege of Gaza which contravenes international law and the basic human rights of Palestinian civilians; and

c) do everything within its power to create safe and meaningful aid corridors into the Gaza Strip and enable safe passage out of the region.

5. Stands in solidarity with the Israeli and Palestinian communities in Wales affected by the conflict.

6. Urges the Senedd to support a two-state solution in order to pursue lasting peace in the region.


NDM8391 - 1 | Tabled on 03/11/2023

Delete all and replace with:

To propose that the Senedd:

1. Condemns the indiscriminate attacks, violence and acts of terror perpetrated by Hamas against Israel on 7th October. 

2. Recognises the right of all sovereign states, including the State of Israel, to defend themselves and their citizens.

3. Believes that war should be conducted in accordance with international law, including avoiding civilian casualties.

4. Regrets the loss of civilian lives and casualties in Israel, Gaza and the West Bank.

5. Extends the deepest sympathy of people across Wales to those who have lost loved ones.

6. Recognises the further risks posed by the significant humanitarian crisis in Gaza. 

7. Calls for:

a) the release of hostages;

b) a suspension of hostilities to allow for the establishment of humanitarian corridors;

c) the reopening of the Rafah crossing to enable civilians, foreign nationals, aid workers and humanitarian supplies to cross without unnecessary hindrance;

d) the international community to work with Israeli and Palestinian representatives to bring an end to the conflict and negotiate a permanent peace settlement which delivers security and prosperity for all, based on the principle of the two-state solution.