NNDM8083 - Member Debates

Tabled on 22/09/2022

To propose that the Senedd:

1. Notes that around 25 per cent of people in Wales live in poverty, and roughly 31 per cent of children in Wales live in poverty.

2. Notes that the New Economics Foundation and Social Prosperity Network at UCL Institute for Global Prosperity both support the implementation of universal basic services (UBS) as a means of tackling poverty and providing a good quality of life for all.

3. Notes that limited forms of universality already exist in Wales in regard to service provision, for example in the forms of the NHS and state sector education.

4. Believes that successful examples of services that are universally available elsewhere, but not in Wales, can be found in countries such as Norway, Finland, Denmark and France, and in cities such as Vienna, Barcelona, Bologna and Ghent.

5. Believes that UBS has the potential to be an effective way to alleviate poverty and child poverty rates in Wales.

6. Calls on the Welsh Government to explore how devolving powers over welfare and tax could support the Welsh Government fulfil its policy aims, and whether this could be facilitated by adopting UBS.