NDM7722 - Debate on Members’ Legislative Proposal

Tabled on 17/06/2021 | For debate on 20/10/2021

To propose that the Senedd:

1. Notes a proposal for an employee ownership Bill on promoting worker buy-outs and employee ownership

2. Notes that the purpose of this Bill would be to:

a)  legislate for a Welsh Marcora law to provide the legal framework, financial support and advice for worker buy-outs;

b)  put in place a statutory duty to double the size of the co-operative economy by 2026 and to actively promote employee-ownership and worker buy-outs;

c)  provide financial support and advice for workers to buy out all or part of a business facing closure or down-sizing and to establish a workers co-operative;

d) ensure that all companies in Wales in receipt of public funding or part of the social partnership and ethical procurement chains agree to the principles of worker buy-outs and employee ownership.