NDM7547 - Opposition Debate

Tabled on 13/01/2021 | For debate on 20/01/2021

To propose that the Senedd:

1. Recognises the harms caused by measures taken to prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

2. Believes that coronavirus mitigation measures have resulted in damage to the Welsh economy and have negatively impacted the life chances of younger generations.

3. Calls upon the Welsh Government to guarantee that the current lockdown is the last, by ensuring that:

a) Wales has an adequate test, trace and isolate regime and provides facilities to allow individuals to totally isolate themselves from all face-to-face contact;

b) NHS Wales has a greater number of critical care beds, with ICU beds per capita closer to that of Germany or the US, both of which have seen fewer deaths per capita than Wales.

4. Further calls upon the Welsh Government to end the postcode lottery of business support, ensuring that all Welsh businesses forced to close as a result of the Welsh Government’s action plan are adequately compensated.


NDM7547 - 1 | Tabled on 14/01/2021

Add as new point at end of motion:

Regrets that the Welsh Government continues to take a different COVID-19 strategy from the UK Government.

NDM7547 - 2 | Tabled on 14/01/2021

Add as new point at end of motion:

Believes that the most effective COVID-19 strategy to take in Wales is a united, UK response, led by the UK Government.

NDM7547 - 3 | Tabled on 15/01/2021

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To propose that the Senedd:

1. Recognises the impact of COVID-19 on public services and business in Wales.

2. Welcomes the UK Government's action to protect lives and livelihoods in Wales and to support the public sector response to the pandemic, including:

a) £5.2 billion in financial support for the Welsh Government;

b) the coronavirus job retention scheme;

c) the self-employed income support scheme;

d) the coronavirus business interruption loans scheme;

e) the bounce-back loans scheme;

f) UK procurement of vaccines and PPE; and

g) deployment of the armed forces.

3. Calls on the Welsh Government to:

a) allocate remaining unused resources received from the UK Government to support Welsh businesses;

b) end the first-come-first-served basis distribution of Welsh Government support for businesses and focus resources at those in greatest need;

c) guarantee that business support is immediately available when restrictions are introduced; and

d) develop a comprehensive plan to bounce back from the pandemic with innovative infrastructure projects and a welcoming environment for businesses in Wales.

NDM7547 - 4 | Tabled on 15/01/2021

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To propose that the Senedd:

1. Recognises that the necessary measures taken to protect lives and to prevent the spread of the SARS-COV-2 virus have had a profound impact on our economy, society and communities.

2. Notes the actions being taken by the Welsh Government to continue to support the Welsh economy and its commitment to ensuring that our young people do not lose out educationally or economically through the effects of the pandemic.

3. Notes the Welsh Government’s commitment to end the lockdown as soon as it is safe to do so.

4. Notes our package of business support is the most generous in the UK and more than £1.67bn of Welsh Government financial assistance has reached businesses since the beginning of April 2020.

NDM7547 - 5 | Tabled on 15/01/2021

Add as new point at end of motion

Calls on the Welsh Government to publish any risk assessments it has undertaken to assess the potential harm done by lockdowns.