NDM6181 - Assembly Debates

Tabled on 30/11/2016 | For debate on 30/11/2016

To propose that the National Assembly for Wales:

1. Notes proposals from the UK Government to abolish fees charged by letting agents to tenants in England.

2. Regrets that, on average, tenants are charged £233 in letting fees.

3. Calls on the Welsh Government to:

(a) take action to consider the impact of the abolition of these fees which has already taken place in Scotland;

(b) bring forward legislation in this Assembly to ban renters fees, ensuring that costs cannot be passed on to:

(i) tenants, by way of artificially higher rents; and

(ii) private landlords, noting that they form a valuable part of helping renters on to the property ladder.


NDM6181-1 | Tabled on 01/12/2016

Add as new sub-point at end of point 3:

further consider ways of tackling excessive and unfair service charges, or unjustified rises in service charges, that are levied on to leaseholders.

NDM6181-2 | Tabled on 01/12/2016

Add as new point 3 and renumber accordingly:

regrets that in the previous Assembly, the Welsh Government failed to take the opportunity to ban excessive letting agents fees.

NDM6181-3 | Tabled on 01/12/2016

Add as new point at end of motion:

Believes that, if the Welsh Government has produced legal advice suggesting a Bill on banning excessive agents fees would be outside of the legislative competency of the Assembly, this advice should be published.

NDM6181-4 | Tabled on 02/12/2016

In point 3, delete sub-points (a) and (b) and replace with:

(a) Consider how legislation on this subject might work in light of the evidence on the impact of abolition in Scotland and the responses to the consultation in England.

(b) Consult with other parties in the Assembly and stakeholders on the best way forward for Wales.