Y Pwyllgor Iechyd a Gofal Cymdeithasol

Health and Social Care Committee


Aelodau'r Pwyllgor a oedd yn bresennol

Committee Members in Attendance

Gareth Davies MS
Jack Sargeant MS
Mike Hedges MS
Rhun ap Iorwerth MS
Russell George MS Cadeirydd y Pwyllgor
Committee Chair

Swyddogion y Senedd a oedd yn bresennol

Senedd Officials in Attendance

Amy Clifton Ymchwilydd
Claire Morris Ail Glerc
Second Clerk
Gareth Pembridge Cynghorydd Cyfreithiol
Legal Adviser
Helen Finlayson Clerc
Lowri Jones Dirprwy Glerc
Deputy Clerk
Philippa Watkins Ymchwilydd
Sarah Hatherley Ymchwilydd

Cofnodir y trafodion yn yr iaith y llefarwyd hwy ynddi yn y pwyllgor. Yn ogystal, cynhwysir trawsgrifiad o’r cyfieithu ar y pryd. Lle mae cyfranwyr wedi darparu cywiriadau i’w tystiolaeth, nodir y rheini yn y trawsgrifiad.

The proceedings are reported in the language in which they were spoken in the committee. In addition, a transcription of the simultaneous interpretation is included. Where contributors have supplied corrections to their evidence, these are noted in the transcript.

Cyfarfu'r pwyllgor drwy gynhadledd fideo.

Dechreuodd y cyfarfod am 15:17.

The committee met by video-conference.

The meeting began at 15:17. 

1. Cyflwyniad, ymddiheuriadau a dirprwyon
1. Introductions, apologies, substitutions and declarations of interest

Prynhawn da a chroeso, bawb.

Good afternoon and welcome, everyone.

I'd like to welcome Members to the committee this afternoon. This is the first committee meeting of the Health and Social Care Committee of this sixth Senedd. First of all, I think I should ask Members to introduce themselves. I'll start with myself. My name is Russell George and I was elected the Chair of this committee. I'll go through to other Members on my screen. Rhun.

Prynhawn da. Rhun ap Iorwerth ydw i, Aelod y Senedd a etholwyd dros Blaid Cymru yn etholaeth Ynys Môn. Dwi'n dychwelyd i'r pwyllgor yma gan fy mod i'n Aelod o'r Pwyllgor Iechyd, Gofal Cymdeithasol a Chwaraeon yn y pumed Senedd. Mae yna agenda brysur o'n blaenau ni, dwi'n gwybod.

Good afternoon. I'm Rhun ap Iorwerth, Member of the Senedd elected for Plaid Cymru in the Anglesey constituency. I am returning to this committee as I was a Member of the Health, Social Care and Sport Committee in the fifth Senedd. I know that there's a very busy agenda ahead of us.

Thanks, Chair. I'm Jack Sargeant, the Welsh Labour Member of the Senedd for Alyn and Deedside. I'm delighted to join this committee under your fine leadership and guidance.

Mike Hedges, Welsh Labour and Co-operative Member, representing Swansea East.

Hello, I'm Gareth Davies, Welsh Conservative Member of the Senedd for the Vale of Clwyd. I've worked in the NHS for 11 years, working in physiotherapy, mental health and learning disabilities, and I've also worked in social care as well. So, hopefully, I have a few transferrable skills to offer to the committee.

Diolch yn fawr. Thank you, Gareth. With that, we'll move to item 1. We have apologies this afternoon from Joyce Watson. There are no substitutes. If there are any declarations of interest, Members will say them now. 

2. Cylch gwaith y Pwyllgor
2. Committee remit

In that case, we'll move to item 2, and this is in regard to the remit of the committee. I've got the remit in front of me here, so I will read this out. This is in Members' packs that they have as well. The remit of the Health and Social Care Committee is

'to examine legislation and hold the Welsh Government to account by scrutinising its expenditure, administration and policy matters, encompassing (but not restricted to): the physical, mental and public health and well-being of the people of Wales, including the social care system.'

I'm just inviting Members to note that that's the remit of the committee. Thank you.

3. Papurau i'w nodi
3. Papers to note

I move to item 3, and there are a number of papers to note. There are 3.1 and 3.2, letters from the previous Minister in the last Senedd to the previous committee, updating them and reporting back on their work. Items 3.3 and 3.4 are in regard to the legacy reports. The particular one that is important to us is the fifth Senedd's Health, Social Care and Sport Committee legacy report to us, which will help us in regard to working out our forward work programme and ways of working. Those are the papers to note. Are Members happy and content to note those items? Diolch yn fawr.

Just before I go to the next item, I should say this is a particularly short meeting—a short public meeting—but I propose next that we go into private session in order that we can discuss our forward work programme and ways of working. I would say to, perhaps, members of the public or those that take interest in this committee, if you do go to the Senedd's website or follow our Twitter feed, then we'll be able to report back on there later in the week in regard to what we have discussed in the private session that we're about to have now. And then, of course, we'll be back into public meetings from September.

4. Cynnig o dan Reol Sefydlog 17.42(ix) i wahardd y cyhoedd o weddill y cyfarfod hwn
4. Motion under Standing Order 17.42 (ix) to resolve to exclude the public from the remainder of this meeting


bod y pwyllgor yn penderfynu gwahardd y cyhoedd o weddill y cyfarfod yn unol â Rheol Sefydlog 17.42(ix).


that the committee resolves to exclude the public from the remainder of the meeting in accordance with Standing Order 17.42(ix).

Cynigiwyd y cynnig.

Motion moved.

So, with that, I move to item 4, and under Standing Order 17.42, can I resolve that we exclude the public from the meeting for the remainder of the meeting? Are Members content? Diolch yn fawr. We'll go into private session.

Derbyniwyd y cynnig.

Daeth rhan gyhoeddus y cyfarfod i ben am 15:22.

Motion agreed.

The public part of the meeting ended at 15:22.